Evolution and Infectious Disease


    Welcome to the Honors section of Intro to Evolution, GENE 3000H (and perhaps also ECOL 3900H, directed reading), at UGA. This class is based around two components: reading and discussing the primary literature, and collaboratively developing a web resource where you can share what you have learned with others. Each week we will read and discuss a paper, and you will also read on a related topic following your own interest, contributing to the discussion and/or the wiki so that we have a really nice resource at the end of the semester.

    This has been done before, but with a different topic. This semester, we are going to explore the intersection of evolution and disease. Even the question of what disease IS, what a pathogen IS, is defined in part by the evolutionary history and genetic diversity of both the host and the disease-causing organism!

    This wiki is public. It can be read by anybody, but only you - with your unique login information - can add to it. That means you must represent the University of Georgia well! Some basic information on editing is provided on the "Help" page linked at the bottom of the screen. Please note that this webpage will be a collaboration; you are not expected to fence off a territory and contribute only there, nor should you be offended if another student edits a page you started. You should be thrilled, it makes the job easier! This is, after all, how Wikipedia has been generated.

    Other than writing this page and syllabus/schedule page, and helping guide your contributions somewhat, I leave the rest of this site up to you, the students. Your website starts here.

    –Dr. Wares