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    IDEAS FOR GRAD 8840 CLASS: starting with the information from the undergrad course, determine how [generation time or rate of increase], [numerical abundance or effective population size], [hybridization or horizontal gene transfer], [migration or adaptation or acclimation], [habitat restrictions etc.] will influence the response of species or OTUs over the next 10 years, 100 years, 1000 years.

    if I make a change how can it be automatically recorded somewhere so ALL are kept? well, even as is I don't want TAs to have to surf through endlessly. I think any update the student is responsible for emailing with CLEAR SUBJECT LINE the info from "Recent Changes", TAs and I will surf these, but the point is each student must do 3 updates a week (one after each class, one more) and that is their participation grade; they then benefit by directing the class.

    Info for me below...

    Weeks 1-3, overall discussion of white paper, reading the comic books, introduction to Wiki editing (we will update Wikipedia)

    Each week after, assign 1-2 papers, and each is required to find 1-2 more on their "beat"....

    take picture of students for front page (but in interesting spot, and near end of semester when they are less shy)


    1. ocean acidification (and evolution)
    2. thermal tolerance (and evolution)
    3. dispersal (and evolution)
    4. biodiversity (and evolution)
    5. species introduction (and evolution)
    6. prehistoric climate change (and evolution)
    7. climate change models (with and without evolution)
    we can either have 1-2 of you each "fixed" on one of these beats, like reporters, or we can randomly choose each week. it isn't completely necessary to avoid rehashing a topic we've covered, it may be useful to add more details from a given resource. all resources must be cited or appropriately linked!! that includes pictures, figures, quotes, whole papers.


    Then get into work by Greg Wray on urchin genomics and SST (assigned week 3), ocean acidification; Morgan Kelly on Tigriopus (read this week 2), other stuff from workshop.

    Thermal tolerance and the global redistribution of animals
    http://www.nature.com/nclimate/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/nclimate1539.html (read this week one)



    Vollmer's disease x genotype stuff in corals

    stuff by Emmett, Bruno, Harley, Helmuth, Porter, Vermeij

    Helmuth et al 2006 Living on the edge....


    Parmesan 2006

    stuff from Nature Climate Change? http://www.nature.com/nclimate/current_issue.html?WT.ec_id=EXTERNAL&WT.mc_id=CC1207CE050

    Clarke chapter in Marine Macroecology

    Ocean Acification! out of Mike Hart's lab, also this: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/04/120408212319.htm, encourage them to pretty up the wiki with links that explain these processes as well, they get credit for all components of outreach!


    Brief Communication

    Jane Ching, Svetlana A. Musheyev, Dipabali Chowdhury, Julie A. Kim, Yoon Choi and John J. Dennehy
    Accepted manuscript online: 21 JUL 2012 09:05AM EST | DOI: 10.1111/j.1558-5646.2012.01742.x

    John added this and a link to xkcd. (here is the shark outreach one!) Make sure this opening page has lots of STRUCTURE, not just an endless screed of information. This is up to the students in part, but you will have to curate. And as they come across more, you blog about it here and at SeaMonster.

    Naturally, you should probably take the whole class down to Sapelo for a weekend.

    I did verify that if everybody has a unique login I can evaluate what changes they make. Which is do-able for a smaller class size, each using their UGA MyID as login and password set by me but then they can change it if they want.

    I also am pretty sure that this page is currently visible by ANYBODY but only editable if the administrator (me) makes your userid "OK" for this page.

    May want to see if we want to make this into a podcast? And can I change the header? There, did that.

    Idea for the class: obviously I need to clean up this space, but would populate it with some resources like the ECCO white paper. But the theme is how evolution may ameliorate or alter our predictions about climate change in the sea. It isn't that the sea is more important, that just lets us focus on a smaller array of literature and effects, and on generally non-model organisms.

    We should read the white paper, and perhaps the Hosler book on Evolution so they are all on the same page from the beginning of the class with regard to variation and importance of. Class builds wiki to produce a web resource, which I grade by participation seeing the number and quality of edits.

    Each week we discuss one thing together, they each ADD one thing to the mix, and first look to see if another did, they can add to it so we get some depth based on topical interest and depth of coverage.

    Blog about this work-in-progress to SeaMonster. Call it ECCO-UGA to distinguish from the NSF-ECCO effort. Here below an imbed of vimeo?

    Christie's lionfish tattoo from John Bruno on Vimeo. Worked once I went to the HTML editor above. If this wiki and blog are structured well, there is a temporal and/or topical line to be followed so it could be used for a tutorial of some sort. That is a useful product. Could then put that on grant renewal info. But, by and large, let them create it, including the narrative distilled from ECCO documents etc. be sure they include links or references to all information!


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